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      Re-use your packaging hook

      Re-use your packaging hook with our fun and creative door signs

      We are on a mission to reduce our single use plastics where we can and are committed to reducing their use by at least 50% by 2025. You can help by re using the hook from your shirts and blouses packaging. 

      We have created a series of designs for you to personalise, colour in or simply just print and attach to your packaging hook to create fun door signs for your little ones. 

      We'd love to see your colouring in and where you've put your sign. Send us your photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. #TrutexHookSign

      'Knock before you come in!" sign

      "STOP knock before you come in!" sign

      "Gaming Zone" themed sign

      Personalised Dinosaur "Do not enter" room sign

      Personalised unicorn themed room sign

      Personalised space themed room sign

      Peronalised under the sea themed room sign

      Personalised T-Rex themed room sign

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