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      How we care for the environment at Trutex 

      The future of our planet and continuing to reduce our impact on the environment is extremely important to us, as well as making uniform that stands up to school life!

      We are committed to sustainability – from how we design and manufacture our garments to being a carbon neutral business since 2012.

      Here we explain a little more about all the things we do to demonstrate our care for the environment and reduce our business impact. You can be assured that when you buy Trutex, you not only get the quality you would expect, but a long term commitment to being at the forefront of sustainable uniform.

      Our Sustainability Commitments

      Action on Sustainability

      Made to Last

      Our uniform is tough! It can stand up to the rigors of school life, rough and tumble of the playground and multiple washing throughout the school year.

      Carbon Neutral

      Carbon offsetting is a way to mitigate the carbon we use as a business, generating back positively in the environment. 

      Eco Elite Renewably Sourced Finish

      Stain repellency is a core attribute to most of our school uniform.

      Sustainably Sourced

      Sustainably sourced fabrics ensure the source of the yarn is a maintained source and the impact to the environment is as low as possible. 

      Reducing Energy & Waste

      We’re conscious of the energy and waste we produce and it is part of all our responsibilities to minimise this.

      Action on Reducing Plastics

      100% Recycled Fabric

      We’re pioneers in the use of polyester made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

      Reducing Single Use Plastic

      We are on a mission to reduce our single use plastics where we can and are committed to reducing their use by at least 50% by 2025.

      Saving Plastic Bottles from Landfill

      Thanks to our customers, we have saved over 14 million plastic bottles from reaching landfill in 2020.

      Reducing Micro-Plastics

      We are doing our bit to minimise the shedding of our products whilst retaining fabric quality and comfort.

      NURTURE THE FUTURE – Our latest CSR Report

      Our environmental commitments are a part of our wider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Follow this link to read our most recent CSR report which gives further information about our ethical standards, social responsibilities and environmental commitments.

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